At ‘De Kastanjehoeve’ we’d like you to enjoy your favourite breakfast. There are several options, as you can see below. In consultation with you we will decide which products we’ll use and how much of them, so we don’t have to throw away any food. We use sustainable and Fair Trade products as much as possible.

Farmer’s Breakfast

This is a substantial breakfast with fresh bread rolls, farmstead cheese, various meat products and real butter. In addition to this we serve a ‘Bauernfrüstück’: a German farmer’s breakfast with fried potatoes, bacon, cheese and eggs, which is eaten warm. Of course we won’t forget coffee, tea and orange juice.  


Yummy Breakfast

If you choose this option, we will make you a nice warm bread roll filled with egg and chives. In addition to that other fresh bread rolls are served, together with delicious sandwich fillings and a piece of fruit. And of course coffee, tea and fresh orange juice. 


Gluten Free Breakfast

Do you prefer a gluten free breakfast? Then we will serve you a tasty mix of various types of fresh fruit and dried nuts. In addition to that, you can choose between egg pancakes with e.g. banana or blueberries or an oven omelette with mushrooms, onion and bell pepper. And again Fair Trade coffee and tea. 


Dutch Breakfast

This includes bread rolls from a real baker, farmstead cheese, various meat products, sweet spreads and eggs from our free-range chickens. And on request we can make you some French toast. Along with a piece of fruit and a cup of coffee or tea it’s a good start to your day.